Thursday, 31 January 2013

Accessing NAS problem in Windows 8

To better understand, can/will you give a brief overview of the size and magnitude of your setup and in particular the Network Attach System. Is this a true NAS in the commercial sense, meaning it was specifically manufactured as a stand alone NAS as opposed as a computer used as a server.. What make and capacity ? Is this a home LAN, small business, commercial, etc ? And if possible what is the necessity of the NAS. Is it up in high Giga Bytes or Tera Bytes ?

I have a small home LAN with three computers. Mine was set up as wireless. My router is a Netgear WNDR 3400. Two computers have Windows 8 and one has Vista Home Premium.

I found that Windows 8 is complex, sophisticated and has many variations/options/selections for user names, passwords. The variety of selections gets very selective. Since you already have a functioning LAN I'm confident that you already know the drill quite well by now. As such, if you don't get everyone named properly i.e., home group all ONE name and a different name for EACH computer, it doesn't connect. And user names and passwords all different for each  device as we   ll as passwords for the home group and router, Microsoft account and ad, infinitum. 


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